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Is the Hybrid Car a Fad or Here to Stay?


The hybrid car has been available on the American market since 1999.  It is a car that runs with two motors, an electric motor and a gasoline engine.  Since its introduction in the United States, the hybrid car has become increasingly popular.  This popularity is mainly due to it being fuel efficient and less pollutant when compared to the standard car.  But is this popularity here to stay?  This question may be worth pondering into if you are to invest in a hybrid car.  Below are some advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid car that will help you decide.


Hybrid Car Advantages


1) Produces less dangerous pollutants

The hybrid car seems to be the obvious choice for anyone preoccupied with environmental issues.  Depending of the hybrid car model, some may produce 90% lesser pollutants than the standard gasoline engine.  Pollution is reduced two-fold, first through its clean electric motor, which produces fewer pollutants; and second, through its fuel consumption which is 30 miles per gallon less than a conventional non-hybrid car.  Since the hybrid car consumes less gasoline, this automatically means there are fewer emissions in the air and consequently reducing smog pollution. 


2) Engine is more efficient

The smaller hybrid car engine requires less power for acceleration when compared to a standard car engine.  This can be an advantage for many.   The efficiency of a hybrid car engine is improved by the use of smaller and lighter parts in its engine components.  Also, since the hybrid engine is small, it is ideal for compact lighter cars.  A lighter hybrid engine also produces a lighter hybrid car that ends up weighing less than a conventional vehicle.


3) The federal government offers a tax cut upon purchase

You get a tax break when buying a hybrid car.  This federal government offer is valid through the year 2006.  But the amount of the tax cut varies according to some factors such as your tax bracket and the year you buy the car.  For example, in 2003 the government was offering a one-time cut of $2,000, whereas in 2006 the average deduction will be $500. 


Hybrid Car Disadvantages


1) Steep Price Tag

The biggest disadvantage of the hybrid vehicle for many is its price tag.  The hybrid car is still an average of $4,000 to $6,000 more than the standard car.  However, you may save money on fuel, which may be as much as 50% in comparison to the non-hybrid car.  The current high demand for the hybrid car and the high-cost battery used for power are two important factors responsible for the steep price tag.  The battery alone costs between $1,000 and $3,000, depending on the hybrid car, you may even pay over $8,000 for a battery.  This is an important factor when considering the purchase of a hybrid car.  You must keep in mind that the battery is covered for the duration of the car’s warranty, and you are responsible for it once the warranty expires.


2) Difficult to Find

This disadvantage may become less frequent as the production of the hybrid cars increase.  But for now, the hybrid cars are still difficult to find in some parts of the country.  When the hybrid car first started to be manufactured, the carmakers did not produce large quantities because the demand was still not high.  On the other hand, the demand was not high because the consumers did not have the chance to see the hybrid cars.  Today, the hybrid car has become a favored car and its popularity is increasing steadily.  Consequently, there are waiting lists for many makes and models.  The waiting list may be anywhere from two to eight months.



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